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#MyHeadInTheClouds #1

Perfectionism is crippling. Here's the story on that. I love clouds. I love seeing how they develop and disappear as they move across the sky. I love the various shapes and the different layers form moving in different directions. It's majestic and reminds me how small I am. So the other day as I was parking my car at the office I noticed the amazing clouds and decided to come back up to the parking deck with my camera to shoot a timelapse. As I got into the office the cycle of perfectionism began. I thought, "Maybe I should do a sliding timelapse. But that means it'll take 20min to set it up. Well maybe I'll just do one out of our office deck, but it's pretty wet out there, and it wouldn't be as good as from the parking deck..." Excuse after excuse kept creeping in until I decide not to do it. Then something in me snapped and I slammed my hand down on the table and said,"NO!" I was fed up with not following my creative urge bc of excuses. I then grabbed the box my new iPhone came in and was determined to make it into a tripod. With the help of some Legos and encouragement from an office mate, I shot this timelapse. It's not overly epic, but to me it represents the beginning of a new era. Of siezing the moment. Of not being afraid to fail. Of using creative constraints to my advantage. And of sharing my love of clouds with the rest of the world. I'm calling this new project #myheadintheclouds